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How to choose photo

Personalised paint by numbers kit

Available in colour or black and white version

Minimum size for photo upload is 1200 x 1200 pixels

Note: the image you select should be of a human face or head of an animal

If your photo is of two people then the heads must be very close to one another

Images of paintings and drawings are not suited

Photos must be in focus and correctly exposed (neither too dark or too light)

Choose a photo where the background isn’t too cluttered



Additional information

Size (Inch)

60x80cm no frame, 50x65cm no framed, 70x110cm no framed, 60x75cm no framed, 70x100cm no framed, 60x70cm no framed, 60x120cm no framed, 70x120cm no framed, 60x60cm no framed, 70x140cm no framed, 40x50cm no frame, 30x40cm no framed, 30x50cm no framed, 60x90cm no framed, 70x70cm no framed, 40x60cm no no framed, 50x60cm no framed, 80x120cm no frame, 50x70cm no frame, 40x55cm no frame, 60x100CM no frame, 40x40cm no frame, 60x110cm no frame, 50x50cm no frame, 30x45cm no frame, 40x50cm diy frame, 30x70cm no frame


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painting by numbers




Hand Painted


Horizontal Rectangle






no frame


rolled on tube


painted by yourself

home decors

unique gift for children family

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living room Kids Room wedding decoration


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Acrylic paint brush canvas

wall art picture

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Personalised Paint by numbers


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any size you want

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20 reviews for Custom Paint By Numbers

  1. Coleen Dragon

    Packed picture in a roll, not wrinkled. Paints I think will be enough. The seller put a panda picture as a gift-thanks. I recommend. Happy new year!!!

  2. Ellie Julius

    5 days manufacturing and 30 days shipping to Peter. The product corresponds to the description, but can not check T. K. I took it as a gift.

  3. Demarcus Mcmullen

    The parcel came in 16 days to the Udmurt Republic. The seller answered all questions, the parcel was served

  4. Jannette Wilmes

    Got a picture on the numbers, on the photo) very satisfied!! Already the process went)) with the seller was written off, answers quickly and selects the right size, what would the picture turn out more clear) I recommend the seller!! I will order more!! I’m delighted!!!!!

  5. Sarina Santos

    I can recognize my cat. It is good. But it is to dark on the right side – the photo of cat wasn’t that black. But I like the rest of colors and how it looks.

  6. Takako Ream

    It came on January 5, 2020. Packed well with roller, but not in carton box. The goods did not crumple. Unpacked at first glance everything is fine, the picture on the photo as ordered + Gift small picture panda. Paints and brushes for each painting separately, all numbered. When I began to paint, I realized that I ate shortcomings. First in small places do not disassemble the numbers and from the paper tips there is no use, there just as can not see small numbers. I got too many small details to look under the magnifier or to think about the color. But it’s not that bad… When I began to paint the jacket and pants I realized that something is not so going …. The color of the jacket and pants is Lilac, but it should be white T to suit white! There were only two candied White darker and lighter, I had to paint because it seemed to me right! In the second photo, what happened, on the third, the way I handed over the jacket and pants. Until I finished the picture, I post a photo of what so far turned out + Original

  7. Miriam Perry

    fast delivery, but individual picture quality is bad(very big brush point). thank you for present small 20*20 my children.

  8. Debbie Tanner

    Everything came in excellent quality!) I was very worried that there would be something wrong but my doubts were dispelled) the seller is very responsive and put a small picture as a gift, as everything will be ready to complement the review)

  9. Speranzio Bartolone

    Everything is fine! The paints are fresh. The truth as always black is not enough but I have been experienced for a long time in stock a large jar of black acrylic paint. Some parts are not exactly painted had to fantasize itself. I recommend!

  10. Emmanuel Gillie

    The picture came a whole, corresponds to the description, has not yet done but I really like it, I recommend the seller

  11. Niam Mullins

    Everything is just magical!
    I ordered a lot and did not regret it. And I will order more necessarily)
    A little bit on one edge wrinkled but it’s easy to fix)
    Thank you.

  12. Daanyal Shepard

    I am happy with the goods, I will draw, I will add a review, the seller dropped an example of my picture before payment. After payment sent quickly, but the month lay the parcel at customs. Then I got here in a week.

  13. Armaan Ellison

    Simply the Best Buy AliExpress… sensational

  14. Clarita Pursell

    I’ll start with the fact that the result is beautiful. But in the process of working on the picture faced with small difficulties. Some numbers are so small that even through the magnifier can not see. I had to paint at random. There is a sheet with a hint, but there are even worse numbers visible. The picture with the photo was moved so that the head turned out to be cut. Fixed this going abroad drawing and on the fields finished the background, the benefit could be done without risking to spoil the picture. So keep in mind when choosing a photo that it can be cut slightly at the edges. I order not for the first time from this seller. This time, unlike the past, did not put a picture for children as a gift. I will order more and more than once. I recommend. Photo: 1. original, 2. sketch, 3. drawing. Only 23 colors.

  15. Alpha Um

    I expected that the shades will be printed more precisely, and the transitions will be smooth, but in principle I’m happy, I do not know how to draw at all, so everything is OK)))

  16. Gage Edmonds

    Excellent moved to the picture, only began to draw, but almost like how they handed the color of the photo‍♀️! Why do I have gray and purple hair, nose and forehead color of a pig??

  17. Diedra Spath

    Very fast delivery, less than 2 weeks. On 1 Photo-my photo, on 2 m sketch from the seller who sent me after sending me the goods. And so very good quality, the canvas is dense, the paints are fresh-it’s a pleasure to draw. Minus the fact that the paints were numbered with a marker and in the process of delivery erased some numbers

  18. Émeric Figuier

    I loved it, the image is very good, they get to see the details well, the paintings also, until now very happy with the product

  19. Tandy Hoyte

    I’m very happy! It is interesting for me and my son for 8 years to paint. Not finished yet.
    Then I’ll add a tip.
    While in the photo what I drew in 1 day. The only pity did not send a gift, as others sent, the son would be interesting and went for a long time 1,5 months.
    But the result justified the inspiration

  20. Wendi Raver

    The first didn’t like much But the result is fantastic.
    Popped little paint one the whites, But got to not notice.
    The seller takes a while to answer the posts But is very good tent
    It had run time of protection without receipt, the seguimientollevaba a month, I returned the money to open dispute, But after you paid by paypal

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